Warner Williams

BORN - Carmel, California


  1976 Bachelor of Arts Degree, Stanford University.
Studied with Frank Lobdell, Nathan Oliviera and Keith Boyle

Warner Events

2016 Featured in Hi Fructose Magazine March 2016

2016 One man show at Omiiroo Gallery 329 15th st. Oakland, CA, February

2014 ProArts Open Studios, Oakland, CA, June

2013-2016 Featured at the Vault Gallery in Cambria, CA

2012 One man show Temescal Art Center, Oakland, CA, August 3

2012 Group show ProArts Open Studios, Oakland, CA, June

2011 Official opening of Warner Williams gallery in Oakland, CA.

2010 Warner is a finalist for a $200,000 Alameda County
public arts project, for the Castro Valley Boulevard
Streetscape Improvement Project.

2009-2010 Group show at Hotel des Arts, with ScreamInc.
  2007 Solo show of originals and fine art reproductions at the Canvas Gallery
San Francisco, March
  2006 Solo show of fine art reproductions at Bagdad Cafe, San Francisco, October
  2006 Awarded a $20,000 grant from the Pollock Krasner Foundation in N.Y., June
  2006 Triptych commission of the Castro District hung at the Bagdad Cafe, San Francisco, May
  2005 Group show at Google Corporate Headquarters with Start Soma, Mountain View, CA
  2005 Group show at Yerba Buena Gardens with Studio 560, San Francisco - June
  2004 Two man show at On Gallery, Pasadena, CA with Rick Monzon
  2004 Group show at "C" Gallery in Hermosa Beach, CA, curated by Peter Frank
  2004 ATM Artshow. Group show and benefit for the San Francisco Late Night Coalition
San Francisco, August 21
  2004 Group show at Mariposa building, April, San Francisco
  2003 Show with Rick Monzon at The Canvas Gallery, S.F. October - November
  2003 Group show at Start Soma Gallery, S.F. September
  2003 Group show at the Mariposa Building, S.F. August
  2002 Group show at the Badlands Gallery, S.F. August
  2002 Reviewed in San Francisco Art Magazine, May
  2002 Show of over 50 works at Stanford Art Spaces April 10, Stanford University
  2002 Solo show at Davis & Cline Gallery, July, Ashland, OR
  2001 Awarded a $21,000 grant from the Pollock Krasner Foundation in N.Y., October
  2002 Featured at the Oakland Museum's "Being There" Show February 22 - May 10
  2002 Painting "White Bronco" purchased by Director of Oakland Museum,
Dennis Power
  2002 Solo show at Firewood Cafe in Sony Metreon in San Francisco March
  2002 Group show at American Institute of Architects Gallery, S.F. Feb. 29 - March 30
  2001 Published on the cover of Urban View Magazine, Oct. 3, Oakland
  2001 Solo show at the Firewood Cafe, November, San Francisco
  2001 Solo Exhibition at the "Art Party", May 9, Oakland, CA
  2001 Featured on the cover The Monthly, August, Berkeley, CA
  2001 Featured in "the Box", Urban View Magazine, July, Oakland, CA
  2000 Solo show at Verd's Funk Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  1992 ProArts Juried Annual, Oakland, CA
  1976 Stanford University, Annenberg Auditorium Gallery


Dennis Power
Leo Madrid
Vanessa and Mark Boston
Steve Weber and Don Backman
Nick Merz
Kelly DiMartini
Marie Rose and Jonathan Hagerman
Rick Strassburger
Michael Kelly
Theo Cedar Jones and Alicia Dawn DeRock
Heather Price
David Brown
Dan Dissett
Robin Coomer
Kathy Coomer

Steve Ennis
Clive and Adriana Skeen
Bill McMahon and Mary Porges
Rich Nagler
Carrie Birgbauer
Anne and Vicki Kahan
Robert Lane
Loretta Matty
Jennifer and Derrick Williams
Chris Marino
Karen Josephs
Aron Lewandowsky


Paintings were used for the cover artwork of California band Birdsaw’s CD, “Fainting Room”.